Nov 132018

Does radiation give you super powers?

Radiation is misrepresented in the popular media such as Hulk and Fantastic Four. This is why we want to make the understanding of our audience more cogent, so they are more prepared to understand the influence of radiation in our lives. We plan to do this by producing a video focusing on radiation, its misrepresentation in Hulk and Fantastic Four, and broader impacts. We expect the video to be about 10 minutes in total length.  

Nov 122018

I need…

Last night
The white man – landed.
Finally our Lord has heard our cry.

I run on a two-day cycle.
I will be a different female from one morning to the day after night.

These similar mornings I convince myself
That nothing happened last night
That my country will find a savior.

Nov 052018

That Girl

The tiny bud from the first day,
Has sparked to become lightning gay,
The roar strikes me like a car crash,
With high heart rate making my heart a potato mash.

The ebony tree in the woods said,
So many things of us are still unread.
May be we should go out tonight,
Lets discuss our love, hate and delight.

Nov 022018

Broken Earphones

One of my earphones was not working. I troubleshooted to find out that there is a short-circuit in the audio-jack. Placed open the audio-jack terminal and soldered the wires again.

The earphones broke because the end of the audio-jack would rub against my body when I cycled. This is why while gluing everything back, I made sure that the earphones came out on the other side like shown below.

Nov 022018

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 


Since the industrial revolution, our capacity to use technology has immensely ameliorated and humans have drawn numerous advantages through them. However, there is always a cost associated with such improvements. Where sustainability is the nexus between people, profit and planet, the third factor has been hugely ignored during this industrial revolution to maintain sustainability. In reaction to such long-running mishap, the government had to intervene to bring more environmental sustainability into manufacturing and protect the well-being of the people.i  

Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990 consists of one such story where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took numerous harsh measures to prevent or regulate the toxic pollutants with a focus on air quality improvements.ii CAAA was already enacted earlier since 1963, however in 1990, stronger, harsher and more apt decisions were taken to further reduce the air pollution levels. The 1990 CAAA also helped spur new technological innovations that are closely tied to the background of sustainability. In order to understand the impact of CAAA 1990 and how it came about, we must delve into the history of the act, which includes the role of numerous leaders and major changes in the system.  

Nov 022018

FEA of critical components

Wheels and Castors

The chassis is supported by two back wheels, with a castor in the back. In this analysis, Alex will analyze the structural integrity of the wheels and castors under realistic loads, and determine critical loads. In doing this analysis, one must take into account the Von-Mises stresses so that we can evaluate whether the stresses incurred are close to the failure stress. For some materials, we do not know the failure stress, so we are going to compare the Von-Mises stress to the yield stress.  This analysis is done in ANSYS Workbench 19.1. First, we will perform the analysis on the wheels.

We are going to make an assumption that the wheels that we have 3D printed are made up of ABS plastic instead of PLA. This is because PLA is not available for analysis on the ANSYS platform. The geometry uploaded on ANSYS is from the above mentioned file CAD model. The forces act at the center, where the shaft resides.

Nov 012018

Bill of Materials

A bill of materials is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture a final product (, 2018). The bill of materials for Team Breaking Wind’s prototype is shown below in Table 4.1. A bill of materials in professionalism is valuable because the engineer, who knows which parts an assembly needs, is not in charge of purchasing. The bill of materials is then passed on to the employee who is responsible for purchasing. It is important for the bill of materials to be complete, concise, clear, and accurate. Any error or lack of clarity could cause the purchaser, who is not familiar with the assembly, to make a mistake with ordering and delay production of the prototype.

A bill of materials is directly linked to the available assets list created in Assignment 3 (See Appendix A Available Assets). For the purposes of Assignment 4, any free student workspaces likely to be used and competencies of the team will also be included to ensure buildability of the design concepts. As junior engineers, we will be utilizing the bill of materials to ensure that all necessary components have been acquired, since we are responsible for acquiring our resources ourselves.

Oct 312018

CAD Model – Concept 2

Various views of our second concept Alternator can be found below in Figures 1-5. Figure 1 shows the top view of the vehicle, and the large, flat surface for carrying payload. In Figure 2 the undercarriage of the vehicle is shown. This is where all the machinery will go to create payload space. From these perspectives it is impossible to see the wheels, so an angled view is shown in Figure 3. Lastly, Figure 5 shows the hub assembly, the motor bracket which holds the motor in place, and the funnel attached to the fan. Like Concept 1, the funnel will end up looking somewhat different because it will be made of cardboard and taped to the fan.

Figure 1 Top View of Concept 2

Figure 2 Bottom View of Concept 2

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