Dec 042018

#9 #percentageforchange Laptop, accessories and suit

Well, you ask, “What can 10% do for you?”

It can transform someone’s life. Take it from one place and give them enough privileges so that they can support themselves.

We received a similar story that truly embodies these values.

“I have been saving 10% of what I make for the last three years inspired by the #moneyspentright movement that this website has tried to create and it has been life changing for me.

Speaking to a friend, who is from a very under-privileged family I realized that his brother was going through mechanical college without any technological equipment. Being a chemical engineer myself, I was not able to connect as to how various simulations and programming could be done without owning a laptop. I turned over to the amount I had accumulated and purchased an engineering laptop (Acer Aspire E 15) and a bluetooth mouse. When attending interviews, my friend’s brother would also require a suit, so I got him a suit also.

I am truly very grateful that I was able to share the privilege I received as a college students with someone else and I am glad to be able to share this amongst others.”

Dec 012018

Lack of Women in Politics in the United States

1.  Introduction

In the United States of America, women dominate the population in number by consisting of 50.8% of the total.[i]Yet, the U.S. House of representatives only consists of 20.2% women out of the total 535 seats.[ii]The 2018 midterm elections are considered to be ground breaking in welcoming various new members of the American community to represent the Congress, for example, the first Native American woman, first Muslim woman who also wears a hijab, and women of colour from some states.[iii]Numerous research studies have been conducted connecting the role of women in the government to the well-being of the country. Sweden’s government includes 52% of the women and consists of highest female employment rate in the European Union, which lead to the government looking at parents as dual-income earners providing better maternity leave plans and having the lowest child poverty rate.[iv]Former American Political Science Association president Arend Lijphart also found strong correlations between the women in government and more progressive policies on environment, violence prevention, incarceration, etc.ii,[v]With an increasing movement of freedom in the twenty first century, when and how will the government catch up in truly representing a democracy by balancing the gender inequality ratios in legislature.

Nov 132018

Does radiation give you super powers?

Radiation is misrepresented in the popular media such as Hulk and Fantastic Four. This is why we want to make the understanding of our audience more cogent, so they are more prepared to understand the influence of radiation in our lives. We plan to do this by producing a video focusing on radiation, its misrepresentation in Hulk and Fantastic Four, and broader impacts. We expect the video to be about 10 minutes in total length.  

Nov 122018

I need…

Last night
The white man – landed.
Finally our Lord has heard our cry.

I run on a two-day cycle.
I will be a different female from one morning to the day after night.

These similar mornings I convince myself
That nothing happened last night
That my country will find a savior.

Nov 052018

That Girl

The tiny bud from the first day,
Has sparked to become lightning gay,
The roar strikes me like a car crash,
With high heart rate making my heart a potato mash.

The ebony tree in the woods said,
So many things of us are still unread.
May be we should go out tonight,
Lets discuss our love, hate and delight.

Nov 022018

Broken Earphones

One of my earphones was not working. I troubleshooted to find out that there is a short-circuit in the audio-jack. Placed open the audio-jack terminal and soldered the wires again.

The earphones broke because the end of the audio-jack would rub against my body when I cycled. This is why while gluing everything back, I made sure that the earphones came out on the other side like shown below.

Oct 192018

Dinner with the Borens

A true experience of “fine dining” with very fine individuals. The devotion to service captured in this one portrait is beyond any words.

Next to me are: Professor Terry Dunn, Dr. N Anand Balu, Former OU President, State Governor and Senator David L. Boren with his counterpart Mrs. Molly Shi Boren and a true environmentalist Cindy Belardo.

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