Oct 132018

Life of gunpowder

I love my family, my brothers, my sisters. We were made in the same factory with the same ingredients. I will miss them so much after I leave for this stupid mission. That Aljhad is planning to use me, no. 74. I will be the cause of all the disarray and dismay in this town of great potential, Cairo. I abhor my life.

I thought I would arrive on this earth with a purpose of colourful ignitions that would be loved by humans of all ages. I can imagine being shot into the sky, accompanied by the giggles of the toddlers, the thrills of the young girls, paean of the parents and overwhelmed elderly ready to share a new experience. The ambience of such joy excites me to fly as high as I can and burn in the most beautiful possible colours. That delightful purpose at least gives a shine of pleasant remembrance. The worst part being, I can’t do a bit about all this. I am useless in making my reactants a little less reactive and creating considerably less detriment. All this compressed gas chokes me, wanting to be released for revel and happiness of the people. 

Oct 112018

#8 #percentageforchange Education is key

Money Spent Right was created so that people can learn to share their privileges with someone who might not have all that many facilities available. We received a similar educational blurb from someone.

“I was speaking to a friend, who is very bright and talented, but many family related problems have hindered his growth, in terms of his career. He is a leader and being able to connect to anyone comes really easily to him. 

Therefore, I decided to save up and buy him a book that will prepare him to give rise to new opportunities, where he can continue his studies once again and support his family, soon after that.”

Sep 122018

Connecting the dots in my life

Growing up in a home with a large, extended family on limited income, my siblings and I learnt to be satisfied with the meager resources that were available at home. Despite our raise in standards over time, the mindset of living with less has remained a habit to me. One such example is when my grandmother would chastise us for leaving the fan or light turned on in a different room or using more than a bucket of water to take a bath. Her ideals were not based on the passion for environmental sustainability or care for the depleting resources but were forthrightly to reduce the monthly electricity and water bill. It is only in recent adulthood have I understood the paramount importance of that experience. I believe my passion for tying sustainability with engineering derives from these childhood incidences where reducing our carbon footprint was our survival instinct. The ideal situation would be to quickly instill this psychology into the as many people’s minds as possible.  

To reduce my carbon footprint, I live a minimalistic life. As the youngest in the family, I rarely got new clothes. The clothes I wore came from my older sisters and cousins. This made me really lax about what clothes I wore. Although, it bothered me at first, I learnt to receive them with happiness. Fast forward to six months ago, I observed a tremendous growth in things I owned. I just had to halt and reflect. Since then, I decided to practice minimalism in numerous ways. I wear only white T-shirts and I own only one pair of slippers, sandals, jeans, bag, etc. The idea is to resist the temptation to own multiple copies of the same object and purchasing only essential items.  

Sep 082018

8 improbable facts about me

  1. Travelled to 18 countries
  2. I played 3 varsity sports in one year
  3. Taught women about menstruation as a man
  4. I work 4 jobs at the same time
  5. I am badminton coach for my university
  6. I have never had alcohol, drugs or smoked
  7. I wear the same clothes everyday
  8. My first flight was international
Sep 012018

#7 #percentageforchange Being observant while helping others

In order to help someone, being observant is really the key. When you are aware of your surroundings, you will be able to feel how others are feeling around you. Stepping into someone else’s shoe can let one realize the true meaning privilege. We received another story truly representing this value.

“Every time I visit India, I always visit this same temple. The priest has been living there for the last 15 years, atleast in my knowledge. The temple is run on many donations. The families who donate, do it to the temple solely but ignore the priest. 

I saw the priest wear a vest that had holes in it. Immediately, as soon as I was done, I went to the shop to buy a couple of vests and gift it to the priest.”

Aug 182018

#6 #percentageforchange Empowering children

Our children are our hope for the future and preparing them for what is to come ahead is crucial to their success. Schooling systems are not all that good at tackling the personal development, and therefore, more personal initiatives are needed to empower. The following story supports these words.

“I am a retiree and have worked in the past as a teacher, sales retailer and social worker. Life was very tough, especially after getting married. However, I do not want these strong ladies to fear the world they are going to face but become bold enough to bring about change in our society. 

These young ladies are from an extremely impoverished. They might be going to school and are some are in 8th standard, but they still do not know how to read or write well. The standards of the school that they go to are below par. 

This is why I spend an hour every day with these ladies preparing them for the world ahead. First on the agenda is school, followed by a spiritual talk about tackling various challenges and it ends with games and food.”


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