Sep 152018

We are tasked with creating a device that is capable of collecting energy from moving air, converting it to a form that can be stored, and storing that energy. The device must then use that stored energy to propel itself forward and have systems in place to allow it to steer itself around a particular track for at least one lap. Further, the device must be able to carry as large a payload as possible for additional points. The device will have 5 minutes to collect as much wind as possible from a specified fan. The track which it must navigate is a 5-foot by 10-foot rectangle with a 1-foot by 6-foot barrier centered in the track. The walls of the track are 2 feet high, and the device is not allowed to have a mechanism to mechanically follow the walls of the track. Aside from the energy collected from the fan to propel the mechanism forward, a separate power source is allowed to power ONLY a “brain” to execute programming.

Pranav Mohan

Change and progress are two words that define my character and my ultimate goals. I have a vision to bring a global change by targeting the psychology, because that is the easiest to change. My aim is to incur a self-progressive routine for myself and then help the people around me to progress themselves. In my perspective, walking towards a defined target should be everyone’s goal while keeping in mind that things don’t go as planned but still the target should remain unchanged.

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