Nov 132018

Does radiation give you super powers?

Radiation is misrepresented in the popular media such as Hulk and Fantastic Four. This is why we want to make the understanding of our audience more cogent, so they are more prepared to understand the influence of radiation in our lives. We plan to do this by producing a video focusing on radiation, its misrepresentation in Hulk and Fantastic Four, and broader impacts. We expect the video to be about 10 minutes in total length.  

Nov 122018

I need…

Last night
The white man – landed.
Finally our Lord has heard our cry.

I run on a two-day cycle.
I will be a different female from one morning to the day after night.

These similar mornings I convince myself
That nothing happened last night
That my country will find a savior.

Nov 052018

That Girl

The tiny bud from the first day,
Has sparked to become lightning gay,
The roar strikes me like a car crash,
With high heart rate making my heart a potato mash.

The ebony tree in the woods said,
So many things of us are still unread.
May be we should go out tonight,
Lets discuss our love, hate and delight.

Nov 022018

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 


Since the industrial revolution, our capacity to use technology has immensely ameliorated and humans have drawn numerous advantages through them. However, there is always a cost associated with such improvements. Where sustainability is the nexus between people, profit and planet, the third factor has been hugely ignored during this industrial revolution to maintain sustainability. In reaction to such long-running mishap, the government had to intervene to bring more environmental sustainability into manufacturing and protect the well-being of the people.i  

Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990 consists of one such story where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took numerous harsh measures to prevent or regulate the toxic pollutants with a focus on air quality improvements.ii CAAA was already enacted earlier since 1963, however in 1990, stronger, harsher and more apt decisions were taken to further reduce the air pollution levels. The 1990 CAAA also helped spur new technological innovations that are closely tied to the background of sustainability. In order to understand the impact of CAAA 1990 and how it came about, we must delve into the history of the act, which includes the role of numerous leaders and major changes in the system.  

Oct 132018

Life of gunpowder

I love my family, my brothers, my sisters. We were made in the same factory with the same ingredients. I will miss them so much after I leave for this stupid mission. That Aljhad is planning to use me, no. 74. I will be the cause of all the disarray and dismay in this town of great potential, Cairo. I abhor my life.

I thought I would arrive on this earth with a purpose of colourful ignitions that would be loved by humans of all ages. I can imagine being shot into the sky, accompanied by the giggles of the toddlers, the thrills of the young girls, paean of the parents and overwhelmed elderly ready to share a new experience. The ambience of such joy excites me to fly as high as I can and burn in the most beautiful possible colours. That delightful purpose at least gives a shine of pleasant remembrance. The worst part being, I can’t do a bit about all this. I am useless in making my reactants a little less reactive and creating considerably less detriment. All this compressed gas chokes me, wanting to be released for revel and happiness of the people. 

Sep 182018

Rhodes Scholarship India Finalist Essay

My life experiences have taught me that living or working only to sustain myself is perfect way to be miserable. This is why I want to shape myself a future, where I am focused on serving the less privileged and supporting the future generations to come. This is why I want to be a professor for three reasons as all of these interest me equally – to support and mentor students, to develop cutting edge technology and build new knowledge, and to be involved in service based activities. My education at Oxford will be a stepping stone towards developing a personality capable of performing the above mentioned duties by intellectually challenging me, and expanding my critical thinking and reasoning abilities.  

I feel strongly about supporting the less privileged. To serve them, since I got my first job as a freshman, I have been spending 10% of my income to serve them. Soon, I formed an organization called “Money Spent Right (MSR)” to encourage and motivate the idea of saving a percentage of one’s income and spending it on the less fortunate. I have posted my stories and those of others to the website – MSR has also helped me realize that I have a heart for service, to be appreciative and unselfish for what I possess, and to be conscious of how I can help others. At Oxford, I would find an incredible diversity that would further my reach for this cause. I can also do so by collaborating with some of the focused Rhodes Scholars Group, as they themselves are trying to leave a positive impact in the world. 

Jul 012018

Road to Modernization; but wait; carry on!

A dictator could kill its people but a king cannot.

Mohammad Reza Shah

Islam does need adjectives…Islam is everything. It means everything

Ayatollah Khomeini

In the past 70 years, Iran has gone through incredible changes in its society and the willingness to modernization has been a common theme present in all these different periods. The ideologies of the leaders – Shah (1953-78), Khomeini (1979-89) and the other presidents (1989-2016) – have been relatively same i.e. to modernize Iran and improve the lives of the civilians. Even with this noble cause of working for the people and helping them reach modernity, there have been myriads of conflicts during this period that have caused a commotion and social unrest; because of which, Iran’s reputation in the world has degraded. This result of confrontation even when the essential idea of modernity in the three periods has been constant, what has cotinuously been creating this havoc?

May 132018

The man of might – Kalam


Some people were destined to leave a legacy that forever changed the world. With tremendous passion, energy and enthusiasm, Professor Dr. Abul Pakir Jainuldin Abdul Kalam was undoubtedly one of those individuals. His prime concern as a scientist, researcher, defence minister, president and citizen of India was to lift the nation to realize its ultimate potential. (Photo on the right from “Wings of Fire.”)

More than 50 percent of Indians today are under the age of 25. On top of this, India with its 29 states possesses a miscellany of different languages, dances, religions, etc. With the youth population skyrocketing and such incredible diversity, it is shocking to observe that India lacks a young labour force of immense competitive capabilities. Over 80 percent of students coming out of college require further training before entering the industrial world. These figures were worse during Dr. Kalam’s youth (Dwivedi 11). Indeed, the discrepancy between what India could be and what it was motivated Dr. Kalam throughout his entire career. His goal was to empower the youth of the country, whether through training the staff under him when he worked for the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), or through visiting primary schools. This is evident as he met around 300,000 students in a short 3-month period after he stepped down from the Indian presidency (Kalam “Turning” 25). This is where his passion lied.

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