Jul 072014

So, something different happened today. I understand why I did something but I dont know about it from Jeejaji and didi.

Jeejaji is on a strict diet and is working hard to get fitter and thinner. In his campaign, I tried to do a little. There was a box of Pringles on the table and before he came onto the table, I took it inside in the Kitchen whispering, “So, that jeejaji doesn’t eat it.”

After hearing that jeejaji replied with a sarcastic tone, “Tum hamesha naye tarike dhoondhte ho na insult karne ke liye.”

My perspective on this is that if something is on the table, you would inevitably have a little bit of it. I was just thinking it for his good but surely there would have been a flaw from my side as well. And now they are angry and I am not sure what I’am supposed to do.

“Ask him if I can have curd?” to didi.

Pranav Mohan

Change and progress are two words that define my character and my ultimate goals. I have a vision to bring a global change by targeting the psychology, because that is the easiest to change. My aim is to incur a self-progressive routine for myself and then help the people around me to progress themselves. In my perspective, walking towards a defined target should be everyone’s goal while keeping in mind that things don’t go as planned but still the target should remain unchanged.

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