Mar 112014

This video is about saving money, happiness and earth by a very simple method, buy what you ‘need’ rather than what you want. It tells us to “think before buying anything”.

Saving space means more space for other purposes like farming and animal grazing. Some people have great mansions, 1000mbut there are only four people to live in there. What is the use of having such big mansions, where the members don’t even visit the rooms meant for living! There could be plenty of other examples like, PS3, which distract children, foldable chair, bed and tables and many others.

The life becomes simpler and better as the stuff becomes less. People enjoy going for camps because there is no technology disturbing them and they eventually feel free. Less stuff also means a lot of savings but the main goal is to achieve happiness and satisfaction. 

We can do it by using multitasking things. For example, a study table, which can later turn into a bed, or a coffee table, which turns to dining table when needed, can do it.

We can also do it by buying things that we can use for almost an entire life and use it quite frequently but not buying 3 cellphones of different types to enjoy more facilities. This is a waste of energy.

Basic rule “Less stuff, more happiness”. Enjoy it more or give it up in wasting all the precious time.

Pranav Mohan

Change and progress are two words that define my character and my ultimate goals. I have a vision to bring a global change by targeting the psychology, because that is the easiest to change. My aim is to incur a self-progressive routine for myself and then help the people around me to progress themselves. In my perspective, walking towards a defined target should be everyone’s goal while keeping in mind that things don’t go as planned but still the target should remain unchanged.

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