Mar 052014

Today, morning was very exciting for me. I woke up and looked at the sky, outside my window and saw that the sky was filled with grey clouds.

Two days ago, I decided that I would go for a run two times a day or running in the morning and playing in the evening or vice versa, during my 3 weeks holidays. Yesterday, it was raining in the evening and I couldn’t go but today, I had no excuse.

I dressed up in my running attire and headed towards Bedok Reservoir, which might be approximately 1km. away from my home. It was not raining at that time.

Bedok reservoir is indeed a very beautiful place. It is mostly for running, walking or amusement park. The total track is in the loop, which is 4.3km. It is very crowded during the mornings, when people exercise before leaving for office, and evenings, when most people return after their work. It also has a gym station and forest adventure.

On my way, I would have walked only about 200 meters and it started drizzling. I thought that I am not going to turn back home. I was desperate to run. I kept walking and the drizzle transformed into heavy rain. It was weird that other people walking and running by me had an umbrella on their head and me nothing. They were running to not get wet and I was just walking without any reaction to the weather.

There were two fearful thoughts that came to my mind that I could get sick due to running in the rain. Then, I came up with an idea that I won’t be because my body will be releasing energy, therefore making my body warm. Anyone would get sick in the rain because the rain makes the body temperature low. In my case, the body temperature will remain constant, as the outside chill will cause an equilibrium temperature with my body temperature. This equilibrium temperature will not make me sick. Hence, I am safe. I proved something that playing or exercising in the in low temperature would not cause any illness. The second being, scared from my mummy. Yesterday, she didn’t let me go for a run in the rain. I don’t know, how will she react when I reach home.

I was thinking that there would be other running lovers like me in the park but when I was about to reach there, I saw no one. This wasn’t very encouraging for me. “Am I the odd one out? Am I alone? This is not very good.” These words ran through my head immediately when my thoughts shattered.

I thought of a strategic plan during my run that I would run fast and go back home as quickly as possible. I reached at the entrance of the reservoir and did some warm up exercises like squads, head touching the knee, shooting someone (stretching the hand as if shooting) and many others.

I saw my yesterday’s time to finish the run, which had now become the time to beat. I still remember the first time I went to run in the reservoir and I got tired after running only 1.5 km. a year ago.  My daily aim for running is to beat my fastest time I had covered before. My fastest lap was 25min and 16 seconds, so I had to run in a lesser time than this.

I reset my digital watch, started my stopwatch and headed to run the loop. I picked up my speed from the start and wanted to maintain it till the end. On the way, I realized that it is not going to be easy to run as there will be thousands of puddle, resisting me from running smoothly. I would have run only 700 meters when I saw an enthusiast like me running towards me. It gave me a lot of courage and I realized that I am not insane. There is also someone else giving me company.

As I went forward, it started raining more heavily and I was getting tired. I started breathing more heavily. Rather than breathing from nose I was inhaling from mouth. I was tired but I knew that I could run much more.

To enjoy the rain, I turned my head up to the sky and let the rainwater fall into my mouth. I have to believe that it was really sweet. While I was doing this, two things came into my mind. Firstly, the reaction of photosynthesis and secondly that the there could be Nitrates or Sulfates in the water and then I immediately closed my mouth. Again, my mind started webbing. I imagined that it is not acid rain as there are no industries in Singapore to release harmful gases into the atmosphere but there are cars.

I was running and splashing the water through the puddles. Chap, chap… Chap, chap… Looking at my watch and noticing my running time, I realized that I was running slower that I should be. I tried to increase my speed but gave up. I made up an excuse for myself that I could not run fast as the rainwater is resisting.

During the end, I realized that the man I saw at the very first giving me company was running to go home and not to enjoy run. I did not feel good for that. Now only 0.5 kilometers were left and I was trying to sprint but again could not succeed. In the end, I completed the loop in 26min and 56 seconds.

I did the same warm up exercises I did in the starting and headed towards home with two things striking my head again and again, first topic being, my today’s run. How good it was? It was my first ever run in the rain and enormously wonderful. Second being the fear from mummy. I was so scared for that.

When I reached home, her first question was not what I expected, “Did you enjoy your run, today?” Which made my day!

Pranav Mohan

Change and progress are two words that define my character and my ultimate goals. I have a vision to bring a global change by targeting the psychology, because that is the easiest to change. My aim is to incur a self-progressive routine for myself and then help the people around me to progress themselves. In my perspective, walking towards a defined target should be everyone’s goal while keeping in mind that things don’t go as planned but still the target should remain unchanged.

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