May 132018

The man of might – Kalam


Some people were destined to leave a legacy that forever changed the world. With tremendous passion, energy and enthusiasm, Professor Dr. Abul Pakir Jainuldin Abdul Kalam was undoubtedly one of those individuals. His prime concern as a scientist, researcher, defence minister, president and citizen of India was to lift the nation to realize its ultimate potential. (Photo on the right from “Wings of Fire.”)

More than 50 percent of Indians today are under the age of 25. On top of this, India with its 29 states possesses a miscellany of different languages, dances, religions, etc. With the youth population skyrocketing and such incredible diversity, it is shocking to observe that India lacks a young labour force of immense competitive capabilities. Over 80 percent of students coming out of college require further training before entering the industrial world. These figures were worse during Dr. Kalam’s youth (Dwivedi 11). Indeed, the discrepancy between what India could be and what it was motivated Dr. Kalam throughout his entire career. His goal was to empower the youth of the country, whether through training the staff under him when he worked for the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), or through visiting primary schools. This is evident as he met around 300,000 students in a short 3-month period after he stepped down from the Indian presidency (Kalam “Turning” 25). This is where his passion lied.

Feb 202018


Pyaar woh cheeze hai, jisme kho jao toh zindagi ban jaati hai,
Aise mohabbat ko pane ke liye, kabhi poori zindagi nikal jaati hai.
Lekin jinko mohabbat karni aati hai unse poochna guru,
Un love birds ki umar, 4guna badh jaati hai.

Jan 012016

2015 Reminiscence

Made a Happy New Year video thanking everyone for a fantastic year.

Nov 122015

Diwali 2015

Spending my first Diwali away from family. Found a way to make it more fun

Jul 072014


So, something different happened today. I understand why I did something but I dont know about it from Jeejaji and didi.

Jeejaji is on a strict diet and is working hard to get fitter and thinner. In his campaign, I tried to do a little. There was a box of Pringles on the table and before he came onto the table, I took it inside in the Kitchen whispering, “So, that jeejaji doesn’t eat it.”

After hearing that jeejaji replied with a sarcastic tone, “Tum hamesha naye tarike dhoondhte ho na insult karne ke liye.”

My perspective on this is that if something is on the table, you would inevitably have a little bit of it. I was just thinking it for his good but surely there would have been a flaw from my side as well. And now they are angry and I am not sure what I’am supposed to do.

“Ask him if I can have curd?” to didi.

Mar 132014

Mike Biddle: We can recycle plastic

Yesterday, I saw a very exciting video about recycling. I might like it particularly more than others because I follow 3Rs (Reuse Recycle and Reduce). Recycling is very fascinating and I think everyone should follow this. The government in MEDCs (More Economically Developed Country) have shown responses to people’s wants for recycling. As in Singapore, there are recycling bins at the bottom of every multi-story building.

There are different types of plastics and each of them have similar density, and they can also be coloured in any colour wanted. These properties make recycling difficult. If we compare between steel and plastic, plastic is used more than steel but recycled less than steel. Due to this, the waste plastic is disposed under the ground or burned to produce very harmful smoke. If the plastic is disposed under ground, it polluted the soil and affects it’s fertility and when burnt, produces many toxic gases including Carbon Monoxide, which when inhaled can cause death. 

Mar 112014

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

This video is about saving money, happiness and earth by a very simple method, buy what you ‘need’ rather than what you want. It tells us to “think before buying anything”.

Saving space means more space for other purposes like farming and animal grazing. Some people have great mansions, 1000mbut there are only four people to live in there. What is the use of having such big mansions, where the members don’t even visit the rooms meant for living! There could be plenty of other examples like, PS3, which distract children, foldable chair, bed and tables and many others.

The life becomes simpler and better as the stuff becomes less. People enjoy going for camps because there is no technology disturbing them and they eventually feel free. Less stuff also means a lot of savings but the main goal is to achieve happiness and satisfaction. 

Mar 052014

Morning run

Today, morning was very exciting for me. I woke up and looked at the sky, outside my window and saw that the sky was filled with grey clouds.

Two days ago, I decided that I would go for a run two times a day or running in the morning and playing in the evening or vice versa, during my 3 weeks holidays. Yesterday, it was raining in the evening and I couldn’t go but today, I had no excuse.

I dressed up in my running attire and headed towards Bedok Reservoir, which might be approximately 1km. away from my home. It was not raining at that time.

Bedok reservoir is indeed a very beautiful place. It is mostly for running, walking or amusement park. The total track is in the loop, which is 4.3km. It is very crowded during the mornings, when people exercise before leaving for office, and evenings, when most people return after their work. It also has a gym station and forest adventure.

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