Mar 042014

Badminton love

The best thing I like or enjoy doing is playing badminton. Badminton is not a very famous sport around the globe. I started playing badminton 3 years ago in my summer holidays in India. I wasn’t very good then but now I have improved.

When I came to Singapore last year, I started playing here quite frequently. It was really fun. I started going to the Community Centre near my house and started playing with anyone playing there.

Whenever, I play badminton, I feel happy and calm. This is the thing I most enjoy doing along with mathematics and science. I feel passionate about it and whenever I think about badminton, my heart fills with joy and I start buoying.

Feb 132014

Volleyball game against SAS!

I played a game against SAS yesterday at position 2. There are two best parts about it. First I got to play the 4 of the 5 games we played and obviously we won. We as a team have improved by magical percentages, our attack is phenomenal, serves much better than last year. We still have to improve our defence but it was par at the game. A little bit of more practice and we can fix our spot in semi-finals in SEASAC(it means a lot at UWCSEA). I was also very happy about making the starting 6, which has repeated from grade 9.

I have been practising my jump-and-serve for quite sometime and I had a good percentage of them in before the practise, but at the game I was tense and I was more into getting the serve in. The reason being, I didn’t wanted to get subbed but I really wanted to show the coach that I can jump-and-serve but I guess I need some more practise to be more confident about it and be able to do it in the matches and the ultimate goal is SEASAC. 

Jan 172014

Absurdity at its worst

Hindi teacher- My father went to Trinity College in London in 1954. Guess how much time it took him to reach there?
There were other conversations going on about other things, where I randomly took a guess, “3months, 12 days and 2hours.”
Hindi teacher after my continuous shout of the answer, and after I gave up, she came back to this point. She said, “He is right! He took 3 months and 12 days!” with a slight smile. For a few seconds I found it hard to comprehend what had just happened. This has to be the best moment in my life. I wanted to say, “Hail everyone! I am at the peak of being lucky.” It doesn’t even make sense. This is beyond the power of probability. It really brought me to think about what Bhaiya talks about the energy source above us and how if we concentrate enough, reading people’s mind is not hard. But I think my cousin is just absurd. I just want to believe that it was a weird coincidence and finally me being caring about guessing specific numbers has worked. 

Jan 102014


Today the best thing just happened. I could not believe it. It is something that is not even possible. I was talking to my grandfather, who can’t hear very well. I was talking to him on the phone, and, and, and, and, he could hear my voice and he actually replied to my questions. And I was trying in a way to test him if he could hear or not, and even though I said something completely random, “I am gonna come to Lucknow in December”, he understood. It was the best feeling ever. I was not just flabbergasted but my hearts rate went up with love.

Nov 052013

The punch

A video depicting the pain of a person who fails in a talent show…enjoy!
Oct 072013

I think art is a creative idea, which makes the reality go beyond the imagination of a normal person.

The main reason to why the artists create a masterpiece is to display their love towards the nature and try to replicate the surroundings or maybe creating something much better. This love can be a mimesis of the willingness to create much more perfect world, excluding the imperfections. Most of the artworks that are created have something in common – the representation of a certain key idea/theme. These idea/themes help us comprehend the beauty of nature, also the magnificence of human being who takes the credit of creating such an artwork. For example, The Scream by Munich takes an idea of horror and Munich shows this with the help of a human being’s natural reaction. In many plays, modern or historical, all od them again have a theme which represent something much greater than just the words and use the natural forms to create. The artist should be in the supreme category as he/she is the person who can relate the real form of nature and connect that to various divisions and sub-headings, which is when a masterpiece is born. A masterpiece is the work that can change the mood of the audience (with a basic analysis).

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