Dec 162016

Reflection – December 16, 2016

Planned action items

  • Watch NPETL lectures to increase the understanding in Materials science.
    • Lec – 1 Structures of Materials – Part 1 and 2.
    • Lec – 4 – Nano Crystalline Materials – Part 1
    • Lec – 1 – Advanced Finite Element Analysis
  • Read Anand’s recent paper
  • Deep read Chapter 1, 2 and 3 of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Deep read Chapter 1 of Mathematical and Physics Simulation of the Properties of Hot Rolled Products by LPC (last name initials of the author).

Achieved action items

I watched the Part1 and Part 2 of the Structures of Material lectures from NPTEL but I realised that they are well beyond my level of knowledge. Therefore, I left that on the side and decided to focus on reading the first 3 chapters of Callister’s Materials Science and Engineering, which provide the basics.

Callister’s second chapter was just a review for chemistry for me from High School. Although, I had never studied crystal structures (Chapter 3) in my classes. It is something that is taught in Indian High schools but not in the International Baccalaureate program.

In the Chapter 1 of LPC, it was mostly an introduction of Steel and its importance in the steel industry and a very small section on hot and cold rolling process.

May 102014

Titration at home

Titration at home
Both the glasses were filled with 25ml of Pepsi. pH indicator was added to the Pepsi. The glass on the left was filled with 400ml of tap water, while the one the right with 400ml of water of pH 9.5.
The glass on the left has a pH of 4.5, while the one on the right has a pH of 7.0. The colour of the solutions clearly indicates the difference between the two.
To evaluate from the results, if you drink 250ml of Pepsi, you need to have 4 litres (4000ml) of 9.5pH water to neutralise the acid in the Pepsi (which is a lot if you consider) and just drinking water will not be enough.
Make your decision!

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