May 222018

#5 #percentageforchange

The opportunities for being kind are unexpectedly everywhere around us. I found this beautiful little bird today while cycling. She was lying on the side walk facing the sky unable to fly away. All it wanted was someone to bring her to the side, save her life. I stopped and picked her up softly and rested her under a bush, where she found her haven. After one hour, she remained where she was, but after 4 hours, she flew away. Lets hope that she has recovered!
We can all find a way to be kind on a daily basis.

Apr 192018

#4 #percentageforchange

Being a Kurdish American, I wanted to get involved with my country of origin and be able to help out my countrymen. I just graduated from college, so I do not make enough to support the fellowmen financially, so I’m very far away from reaching the 10% challenge. Yet, I pursued to have the mindset to help. I found out an opportunity from family friends to translate the Syrian refugee accounts from Kurdish into English. I am a native Kurdish and English speaker and am trying to bridge the language gap between the people I care about. Like the page, like and share the post and keep supporting others.

Apr 192018

#3 #percentageforchange

The quality of education that these kids receive is bare minimum. Some of the fifth graders struggle with basic spelling. That is just the quality of education of low-class schools in my city. These kids live in the village near my house. I saw them and it sparked me to help them overcome their difficulties of poverty and poor education, when it’s not even their fault. I want these kids of turn out to be very bright. This is why I collected a group of students – the number is continuing to grow – and decided to give them free tuition. I try to support them mentally, physically and financially. I teach them everyday, and honestly, 4pm in the evening is the time I look for every day. One of my neighbours has joined me to teach them as well. Hopefully, this can continue to grow.


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To understand the hashtag, watch this video.

Apr 192018

#2 #percentageforchange

I was going around in a temple and I saw this priest reading with broken glasses. One of his primary jobs is to read Ramayana (religious Hindu text) every day. I saw the pain he had to go through by holding up his glasses for hours straight. Two days later, I decided to take him to a spectacles shop and get him new better quality glasses. The shopkeeper also helped me in my cause by giving me a 50% discount and they weren’t even that expensive. This is not too big of a change but I thought I should share it with your community. Every small step counts, you just have to observant. I thank God for giving me this opportunity.

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To understand the hashtag, watch this video.

Apr 192018

#1 #percentageforchange

Facing the adversity of life, she had to come to Lucknow from Barabanki to beg leaving her two young kids at home, so that she can collect money for her treatment of her knee.
She was sitting by the road and was finding it hard to even walk 10m at once. She is not older than 40. Today, I bought puri and chola for her and gave her some money for medicine so that she can start walking again. I am thankful to God to allow me to be the medium for someone’s help.


Jan 012016

2015 Reminiscence

Made a Happy New Year video thanking everyone for a fantastic year.

Nov 122015

Diwali 2015

Spending my first Diwali away from family. Found a way to make it more fun

Sep 192015

Zipf Mystery

This is one of the best videos I have ever watched.
Just watch the first minute and you’ll be intrigued to watch the rest of it. It’s fascinating how some patterns appear so much more frequently than the others, in the ratio of 80-20 (You will get this joke once you watch the video).


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