Dec 042018

#9 #percentageforchange Laptop, accessories and suit

Well, you ask, “What can 10% do for you?”

It can transform someone’s life. Take it from one place and give them enough privileges so that they can support themselves.

We received a similar story that truly embodies these values.

“I have been saving 10% of what I make for the last three years inspired by the #moneyspentright movement that this website has tried to create and it has been life changing for me.

Oct 112018

#8 #percentageforchange Education is key

Money Spent Right was created so that people can learn to share their privileges with someone who might not have all that many facilities available. We received a similar educational blurb from someone.

“I was speaking to a friend, who is very bright and talented, but many family related problems have hindered his growth, in terms of his career. He is a leader and being able to connect to anyone comes really easily to him. 

Therefore, I decided to save up and buy him a book that will prepare him to give rise to new opportunities, where he can continue his studies once again and support his family, soon after that.”

Sep 012018

#7 #percentageforchange Being observant while helping others

In order to help someone, being observant is really the key. When you are aware of your surroundings, you will be able to feel how others are feeling around you. Stepping into someone else’s shoe can let one realize the true meaning privilege. We received another story truly representing this value.

“Every time I visit India, I always visit this same temple. The priest has been living there for the last 15 years, atleast in my knowledge. The temple is run on many donations. The families who donate, do it to the temple solely but ignore the priest. 

I saw the priest wear a vest that had holes in it. Immediately, as soon as I was done, I went to the shop to buy a couple of vests and gift it to the priest.”

Aug 182018

#6 #percentageforchange Empowering children

Our children are our hope for the future and preparing them for what is to come ahead is crucial to their success. Schooling systems are not all that good at tackling the personal development, and therefore, more personal initiatives are needed to empower. The following story supports these words.

“I am a retiree and have worked in the past as a teacher, sales retailer and social worker. Life was very tough, especially after getting married. However, I do not want these strong ladies to fear the world they are going to face but become bold enough to bring about change in our society. 

These young ladies are from an extremely impoverished. They might be going to school and are some are in 8th standard, but they still do not know how to read or write well. The standards of the school that they go to are below par. 

This is why I spend an hour every day with these ladies preparing them for the world ahead. First on the agenda is school, followed by a spiritual talk about tackling various challenges and it ends with games and food.”


Jul 252018

Living in less

On a regular basis, we all complain about one thing or the other. But, stepping into someone else’s shoes truly let’s us know where we really stand. 

This is a 4-way intersection with a water fountain in the middle. In the scorching sun at 45° (115° F) people gather around the fountain to ooze from the cold. For some children, it is a swimming pool, as they take a dive into their playground.

May 262018

Who is more human?

Look at this beautiful picture of a dog sharing the cot by the road side. 

May 222018

#5 #percentageforchange

The opportunities for being kind are unexpectedly everywhere around us. I found this beautiful little bird today while cycling. She was lying on the side walk facing the sky unable to fly away. All it wanted was someone to bring her to the side, save her life. I stopped and picked her up softly and rested her under a bush, where she found her haven. After one hour, she remained where she was, but after 4 hours, she flew away. Lets hope that she has recovered!
We can all find a way to be kind on a daily basis.

Oct 082016

#4 #percentageforchange

Being a Kurdish American, I wanted to get involved with my country of origin and be able to help out my countrymen. I just graduated from college, so I do not make enough to support the fellowmen financially, so I’m very far away from reaching the 10% challenge. Yet, I pursued to have the mindset to help. I found out an opportunity from family friends to translate the Syrian refugee accounts from Kurdish into English. I am a native Kurdish and English speaker and am trying to bridge the language gap between the people I care about. Like the page, like and share the post and keep supporting others.

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